Doctors Handing Patients Review Cards!

Posted on Jan 28, 2016 by

Doctors should be free to provide their patients the best care possible. Yet many medical practices recognize the value of positive patient reviews so Doctors are actually handing out cards with instructions on how patients can provide public reviews. 

Having Doctors personal request reviews is powerful. Making Doctors request reviews during their time with patients is the wrong way to do it!  SocialClime takes all the pain out of requesting reviews. SocialClime delivers personal requests from the doctor directly to the patient’s phone. 

Providing world class medical care should be the only thing every person in a practice thinks about. Let SocialClime enable patients to receive easy to use invitations to provide reviews and feedback without any involvement from the staff or doctors.

Key components of the SocialClime Model for Medical Practice Workflow:

  1. Setup campaigns for each of the doctors (care providers) that includes pictures and personal messages asking for reviews.
  2. Connect your practice management software with SocialClime via our simple model
  3. Let SocialClime take care of the rest

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