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HIPAA Compliance in Healthcare Marketing

HIPAA Compliance and Healthcare Marketing Despite popular opinion, healthcare entities can market to and attract patients with full HIPAA Compliance. Though not associated at all with SocialClimb, several recent HIPAA … Read more

Part 1 – Why Healthcare Brand Consolidation Is A Costly Mistake

Why Healthcare Brand Consolidation Is A Costly Mistake Over the last ten years, private equity firms have wholeheartedly embraced the healthcare industry. With private equity firms continually adding rural hospitals, … Read more

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Healthcare Advertising and Marketing Strategies

Healthcare advertising and marketing have evolved to be able to employ traditional online marketing tactics in recent years. Historically, healthcare marketing has not been able to keep up with traditional … Read more

7 Ways to Acquire New Patients

Getting new patients is a constant concern. Full schedules keep your practice alive and flourishing, but times have changed, and the way to get new patients through your doors takes … Read more

Healthcare Digital Marketing That Will Build Your Practice

Healthcare digital marketing has evolved—is your practice keeping up?  Healthcare marketing is known for lagging behind traditional marketing in order to keep patient information safe. Sensitive PHI cannot be treated … Read more

3 Steps to Attract New Patients to Your Family Practice

The benefits of being a family practice physician are plentiful, as long as you can continue to attract new patients. You have the privilege of offering comprehensive healthcare for your … Read more

Reducing Burnout in Healthcare

One of the side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is the increase of employees reporting job dissatisfaction. The stress of working in an unstable and shifting environment, along with employers … Read more

6 Digital Marketing Tips for Plastic Surgeons

The plastic surgery market is booming. Thanks to the influence of Zoom Meetings during the pandemic and beyond, facial plastic surgery procedures saw a 40% increase in 2021. After so … Read more

Does Your Practice Check All the Healthcare Marketing Boxes?

Marketing your healthcare business online can be an imposing project, from putting together a marketing plan, to understanding how to maneuver through the ever-changing marketing channels, to keeping your patient … Read more

Why Healthcare Reputation Management Matters

According to Benjamin Franklin, “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.”  While this may be true about one’s personal … Read more

6 Ways to Measure Success in Healthcare Marketing

To market effectively, you need to measure the success of your healthcare marketing. You may have been told that collecting healthcare marketing data is not really possible thanks to HIPAA … Read more

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