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Google Policy Change

On April 12th Google announced a change to their review policy. Don’t discourage or prohibit negative reviews or selectively solicit positive reviews from customers. It is no longer acceptable to…

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5 Top Marketing Strategies for Your Practice

In a 2013 poll, 72 percent of Internet users said they “looked online for health information of one kind or another within the past year.” When users look online, are…

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How to Become a Patient-Centric Practice

Henry* was in the hospital yet again. A now-seasoned diabetes patient, Henry still struggled to maintain healthy blood-glucose levels. As his healthcare providers tried to understand what was going on,…

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5 Ways to Get More Online Reviews

Online reviews increase sales by an average of 18 percent. In other words, online reviews don’t just exist in the online world, separated from your brick-and-mortar business: they are your…

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How to Stay Ahead of Bad Publicity Online

In the midst of a retail recession in 1991, Gerald Ratner gave a speech detailing how his jewelry company was thriving despite the financial climate. While giving tips for business…

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How to Get Doctors the Highest Customer Satisfaction

Remember the report cards of your elementary school days? Sometimes they showed exactly the good grades we expected. Sometimes they pleasantly surprised us with the good news they carried. And…

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How Your Reviews Affect Your Search Rankings

Ninety-three percent of all buying decisions begin with an online search. We’ve all participated in this online search phenomenon. Despite the thousands of hits vying for our attention, we’re not…

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Collect Patient Feedback, Just Don’t Use an iPad

We are often asked if using an iPad in the office to collect patient feedback and reviews is a good idea. While SocialClimb can be used to deliver patient experiences…

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Service Recovery Best Practices

As medical practices begin getting the high volume of reviews SocialClimb delivers, we are often asked for strategies and best practice for Service Recovery opportunities. Here is a summary of…

sports injury getting checked by doctor

How to Not Suck at Orthopedic Marketing

Marketing is complex. With so many options, and not a lot of time – Orthopedic practices can easily become overwhelmed. Daniel Goldberg of Gold Medical Marketing does a wonderful job…

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Reputation Confessions of a Billion Dollar Digital Marketer

SocialClime recently met up with a digital marketer who used to work for an organization that had a billion dollars in assets and marketing budgets that reflected it. The sad part is, this company’s reputation was horrible. We were curious how a company with so much accumulated value and sales, was perceived so poorly. He revealed some very interesting insights that we had to share with you.

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