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How to Reinstate Your Physician Listing with GBP

If your physician listing with Google Business Profile (GBP) has been suspended, and you’ve followed all the rules, it may be that your office hours are overlapped.  Physician listings with…

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Stop Losing New Patients to Other Doctors

Get your reputation and your online presence in shape so you can attract your ideal new patients instead of watching them float away. It can be frustrating getting overlooked because…

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Questions About Your Google Business Profile?

As a medical practice, your Google Business Profile is a huge part of your marketing efforts, and you need to know how to manage it.  Your Google Business Profile has…

Reputation Management Will Bring You Patients

Hospital marketing is a complex endeavor. As a hospital marketer, your job is to build your brand so that over time, when people need care, they think of you first….

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Improve Your Patient Mix to Get a Better Payer Mix

Use SocialClimb’s predictive analytics to improve your patient mix and stabilize your recovery from the shutdown.  The shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted lives and livelihoods around the…

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Aspire to Know Everything About Your Practice

The healthcare landscape is changing at a rapid pace. Now, more than ever, it is important for practices to have insight into all facets of their organization. Arrowlytics, a healthcare…

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Are You Measuring Your Marketing ROI?

With SocialClimb you can easily calculate your healthcare marketing ROI down to your patient acquisition cost.  You may have heard that calculating your healthcare marketing ROI is too complicated. The…

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Overcoming the Fear of Google Ads

Boost Ads will give your automated patient acquisition a needed kick with a better mix of patients.  Medical consumers often turn to online search to find care, and usually, that…

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GMB Services Editor: Are You Using It Yet?

Good news! Moving forward, we will be able to update the GMB services editor on our customers’ Google My Business (GMB) listings.  Google’s services editor was quietly launched last year…

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How Important Are Online Reviews for Doctors?

Dominique broke her hip and needed to find an orthopedic surgeon. Her son turned to the internet to find the best surgeon possible. He read online reviews that popped up…

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Google Game Changers Healthcare Marketers Need to Know

Google pretty much holds all the cards with online search these days. That means healthcare marketers who understand the importance of their GBP listings and know how to play the…

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