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Upset patient negotiation

How to Negotiate with Upset Customers and Patients

With upset customers, the news of a bad experience will reach twice as many ears as would praise for a good service experience. You probably already knew that intuitively, but … Read more

doctor touching data

Capture the Power of Google

At SocialClimb, we monitor and apply cutting-edge tech trends to medical marketing. Our research shows that the most important way to acquire new medical clients is to claim and optimize … Read more

Google Business listing

Medical GBP Hijacking

With increasing frequency, businesses—both medical and non-medical—are experiencing some form of GBP hijacking. Keep reading to learn what GBP highjacking looks like and how to protect yourself against it. What … Read more

Dr. Mitch opthalmologist

Dr. Mitch is an Ophthalmologist All-Star

Dr. Mitch is the world’s most versatile physician. Now he’s the best ophthalmic surgeon in your market, and he has the 5-star ratings to prove it. Dr. Mitch recently attended … Read more

Physician reputation management

Doctors need a Google Business Profile for EVERY Location

We recently published our guide of best practices for medical Google My Business pages (GMB). With over 70,000 SocialClimb client physicians in nearly 10,000 practices across the country, our team … Read more

woman with computer and phones

Balance and Success for Independent Medical Practices

In our conversations with physicians and independent medical practices across the country, we’ve learned that for them, happiness, burnout, and work-life balance mean much more than earning money.  For physicians, … Read more

light blue background

Apply a Growth Mindset to Medical Practice Marketing

Having a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset means believing you can meet your goals through growth. Instead of fixating on who you were or who you are, you … Read more

Dr. Mitch with a smartphone

Dr. Mitch is back!

Dr. Mitch is back and he’s got a whole range of new specialties Dr. Mitch is now not only an orthopedic surgeon but also an ENT, an ophthalmologist, a dentist, … Read more

Google search on computer monitor

Best Practices for Medical GBP Listings

At SocialClimb, we know all about what makes great Google Business Profile for physicians and medical practices. Our database represents more than 70,000 physicians, in nearly 10,000 practices across the … Read more

Google search map

Expand Your Practice with Automated, Customized Reputation Ads

The SocialClimb Boost Reputation Ad feature brings the power of artificial intelligence to medical practice marketing.  Medical practices of all sizes and expertise can easily win in today’s competitive market … Read more

healthcare marketing with intelligent software

Targeted Patient Acquisition With Intelligent Software

We’ve just announced our SocialClimb Boost feature set (patent pending) in the press and at industry conferences.  Available to current customers May 20, 2019, SocialClimb Boost adds another powerful layer … Read more

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