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5 Biggest Medical Marketing Myths to Bust

Don’t fall for these medical marketing myths that could keep you from effectively building your practice. Healthcare marketing has a tendency to lag behind traditional business marketing, and much of…

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Click and Call Tracking Basics

If you haven’t turned on your call tracker, you are missing out on knowing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.  Data rules. In today’s connected environment, if you’re not already…

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction

How happy are your patients? Do you know how to gauge patient satisfaction? This morning, I bought a new phone case and a brush for my dog on Amazon. Before…

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List Insurance Plans Right in Your Google Business Profile

Health care providers: Did you know you can use a new Google Business Profile feature to easily show the insurance plans you accept?  In your GBP listing, you can now…

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Get High-Value Patients with HIPAA-Compliant Targeted Ads

Adjust your patient mix and fine-tune your marketing spend by identifying and targeting high-value patients to boost your revenue.   Targeting high-value patients with effective advertising requires a delicate balance of…

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Brand Advertising for Medical Practices

Part of managing your reputation includes securing a top position in search results with brand advertising.  You own your brand but Google controls search results. When someone goes online to…

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Stay on Top of Mobile Search Results

We’ve recently noticed that Google is experimenting with a “two-pack” Local Search result list instead of a “three-pack” list on mobile devices.  This Google experiment again emphasizes how important it…

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7 Ways Google Business Posts Improve Your Online Visibility

Will Google Business Posts improve your online visibility? The answer is a bit messy: Yes. It’s complicated. Not directly. But ultimately, yes.  Google keeps its cards close about many things,…

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Do Online Doctor Reviews Matter?

Online doctor reviews impact online visibility, and that directly influences how you show up in online search results.  Yes, online doctor reviews do matter. Strange as it may seem, most…

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Choose the Category for Your Google Business Profile

Google recently added 24 new medical categories you can use to describe medical specialties on Google Business Profiles. Because Google offers more than 4000 possible business categories, now’s a good…

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Online Search and the Patient Journey

Patients use online search to find a new doctor, so you need to be showing up in online search results if you want to attract new patients and grow your…

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