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5 Healthcare Marketing Tactics You Should Be Using – by PatientPoint

As a healthcare marketer, you understand the competition for patients’ attention and trust. A robust digital strategy is how you can set yourself apart. Let’s look at five proven healthcare … Read more

MythBusters: The Corporate Practice of Medicine (CPOM) Prevents the Promotion of Physicians in Healthcare

Navigating the world of healthcare isn’t just about patient care — it’s also about handling a maze of regulations. These rules encompass everything from how a healthcare organization is set … Read more

Asking for Patient Reviews – Pitfalls and Strategies

Choosing a healthcare provider is no simple task, and before making a decision about a physician, 77% of patients turn to online reviews. They go through search results, analyze healthcare … Read more

Power of Social Media for Healthcare Organizations

Social media has become an integral part of many healthcare organizations’ marketing strategies. Across the United States, over 99 percent of hospitals have an active Facebook page and an increasing … Read more

CYA with PRO

In the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, accountability is paramount. Every action is scrutinized and healthcare providers often find it necessary to shield themselves from professional, legal, billing, and treatment pitfalls. … Read more

What is a HIPAA BAA and How Does It Affect My Marketing in Healthcare?

Your healthcare business equips you with great power and, as the saying goes — with even greater responsibility. Patients value the care you provide and trust you with their lives … Read more

Replace Spray and Pray with Precision Targeting in Healthcare

In the past, healthcare marketing was often limited by the stringent Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations, leading to a broad and often ineffective spray-and-pray approach. In the … Read more

Healthcare Marketing Plan for Your Company – A Luxury or A Necessity?

In the world of healthcare, there’s a prevailing thought — if our services are life-saving and essential, why would we need to market them? Especially for those in smaller communities, … Read more

How to Educate Communities about Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) and Their Services

In many rural communities, residents often bypass their local medical facilities, seeking care in bigger city hospitals, even when the healthcare services they need are available just a short drive … Read more

Negative Online Reviews in Healthcare

In the past year, over 98% of consumers used online reviews to find information about a local business before visiting. At the same time, 71% of them relied on customer … Read more

Top Local Search Ranking Factors in Healthcare

Having a local SEO strategy is crucial for any business with a physical location, but in the healthcare industry, it’s especially important. Most providers rely on attracting patients who live … Read more

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