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Lifecycle of Private Equity in Healthcare

In the world of healthcare, physicians often find themselves stretched thin. Among the growing administrative tasks imposed by insurers and hospital administrators, there’s less time for the hands-on patient care … Read more

We’re not Using Patient Reported Outcomes, Should We?

Patient-centered care is the cornerstone of modern healthcare, ensuring that patients are at the heart of every medical decision. As a tool that strengthens the voice of the patient, enabling … Read more

Which Doctor Review Sites Matter the Most?

The stats about today’s healthcare consumerism are clear: 71% of consumers use online reviews as the very first step in finding a new provider and 50% of consumers are more … Read more

Step up Your Direct Mail Marketing in Healthcare

In today’s hyper-connected digital world, it often feels like we’re all operating at maximum capacity. We’re online more than ever, constantly buried under emails, social media notifications, and a range … Read more

Do You Know Your Patient Cost per Lead?

Your healthcare organization’s growth and success don’t happen by accident, they are the result of strategic decisions you make, and for these decisions to be the right ones, you need … Read more

Why Use Patient Self-Scheduling at Your Practice?

Most of us are used to booking dinner reservations, spa days, or hotel rooms online without giving it a second thought. When it comes to healthcare, the trend of patient … Read more

Local Search Dominance for Medical Groups

These days, everyone uses Google for everything — from finding the tastiest local pizza joint to choosing a trusted healthcare provider. And let’s be honest, most of us don’t scroll … Read more

Reputation Management for Doctors or Locations: Which One to Choose?

In the age of smartphones and “near me” searches, local SEO has become a critical tool for businesses. But when it comes to healthcare, there’s a unique twist. Patients aren’t … Read more

Are You Tracking Patient Conversions or Symptoms of Success?

Every healthcare organization has a shared objective — driving patient growth. The mission to attract new patients often sends us diving deep into a world of marketing metrics, from web … Read more

How to Build Brand Awareness with Paid Social Media Advertising

In today’s healthcare landscape, where patients are becoming more informed and selective about where they receive care, building a solid brand and enhancing brand awareness are critical. And, with 72.3% … Read more

Importance of ROI Tracking for PE-Funded Healthcare Organizations

The last decade has been a transformative period for healthcare, marked by increased private equity investment resulting in significant changes. This capital infusion has been directed toward both large-scale healthcare … Read more

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