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Dr. Mitch is the world’s most versatile physician. Now he’s the best ophthalmic surgeon in your market, and he has the 5-star ratings to prove it. Dr. Mitch recently attended the ASCRS-ASOA annual meeting to make sure he knows more than you about everything. He’s especially good at getting regular online reviews to increase his all-star ratings. How? By using SocialClimb’s awesome software to manage his reputation and help him attract the patients he wants.

Ophthalmologist? Optometrist? See Dr. Mitch explain his reputation management tricks

Are you a visual learner? Dr. Mitch can help you with that. Watch him show off how to use SocialClimb’s reputation management software. That’s his easy trick to collect regular online reviews, and SocialClimb’s smart automation means that he–and his staff!–get to take off every Friday. All day. #metime.

Dr. Mitch’s office staff are the real stars

ophthalmology device

Better? Or worse? Dr. Mitch ophthalmologist shows off his reputation management tricks for 5-star reviews.

More than keeping his staff happy working for him, Dr. Mitch loves how they keep him looking good by using SocialClimb’s one-stop service recovery tools to immediately see and fix any patient complaints. Problem reviews? Staff notices right away! And they fix it. #goodforyougoodforme

Dr. Mitch wins new patients easily

Mitch keeps growing his practice. He attracts the new patients he wants because SocialClimb helps him keep his medical Google My Business pages optimized. Which keeps him in optimal shape. And at the top of Google Local Searches.

Who’s the best? We know, and we want the world to know it too

Mitch isn’t really better than you, and you know it. So do we. At SocialClimb, it’s our mission to help all physicians–ophthalmologists and all their friends!–to show off their real quality through online reviews and smart Google My Business pages. That’s why SocialClimb’s automated practice marketing tools are easy for any medical practice to use. Our cutting-edge, intelligent tools make a huge difference for medical practices who want to stay independent, while focusing on their patients.

Watch all Dr. Mitch videos, or talk with real people

Lucky us! And lucky you! You can see all of Dr. Mitch’s masks on his main page here at SocialClimb! Or, learn about SocialClimb without him: Learn about SocialClimb’s simple and highly effective approach to physician reputation management and medical practice growth. Learn how SocialClimb can help you grow your practice through smart automation. Best option: to talk to the really awesome real people at SocialClimb–who know what you need for medical marketing success–call us for a free demo.

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