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The SocialClimb Boost Reputation Ad feature brings the power of artificial intelligence to medical practice marketing.  Medical practices of all sizes and expertise can easily win in today’s competitive market as they use this ground-breaking tool to place strategic ads online.  Simple to use, the SocialClimb ad system helps practices meet their individual goals at low cost and with visible ROI.

SocialClimb Boost consists of three main parts:  Reputation Ads, Smart Spending, and the Marketing Report Card.  

When clients use the Reputation Ad feature, the SocialClimb engine evaluates current  practice data and demographic data, then makes ad recommendations specific to your goals.  With your approval, the system then places automated, targeted ads online to reach preferred clients right at their decision-making moments.

Take a closer look:

First, SocialClimb Boost evaluates practice data

The best goals come from real data. SocialClimb Boost’s intelligent system first analyzes your real practice data to understand your patients, profits, and needs. The SocialClimb system also helps you understand its analysis with helpful graphics. SocialClimb’s independently certified HIPAA compliance always maintains individual patient privacy.

current patients by zip code
  • SocialClimb’s system evaluates your existing customer data. By analyzing your practice data, the SocialClimb system determines where your current patients come from. The system also evaluates current practice CPT codes and demographic data. With this detailed analysis, SocialClimb understandsand helps you determinewhich cases you consider highest-value to meet your goals.
  • The system helps you visualize your customer base to support decisions. The system generates and displays maps and lists showing your existing client locations, CPT codes, and demographic data so that you–as well as the software–can see and understand the kinds of patients and cases you currently attract and serve.display current patient data
  • SocialClimb easily finds the needed data while protecting confidential information.  Because the important data is already in your practice management system, you don’t have to dig up or provide anything unusual to the SocialClimb system. SocialClimb customers already allow the system to have HIPAA-compliant access to this data, and because we make security and compliance a top priority, you can be confident that individual patients maintain their privacy.

Second, SocialClimb Boost analyzes other important data to support practice goals

SocialClimb’s reputation ad system really helps you meet very particular goals as it processes a lot of data quickly.

Some practices might want to increase practice volume in general, while others might want to fill their schedules with a higher percentage of particular case types. A practice might want to focus on filling one new surgeon’s schedule, or filling an existing physician’s schedule with higher-profit cases.  All of these goalsand othersare easily supported by the speed and capacity of computers, as they quickly analyze multiple, relevant data points.

  • patient data in other locationsSocialClimb’s system evaluates general demographic data from surrounding geographic areas.
  • The system then determines which additional zip codes contain clients matching your preferred patient profiles.
  • The system also analyzes aggregate medical case data in these surrounding areas.
  • SocialClimb’s system compares this data to your existing patient data.
  • The system then determines which additional zip codes contain clients matching your preferred patient profiles.

Third, SocialClimb Boost recommends strategic reputation ads

reach the top of Local Search resultsBased on its intelligent data analysis, SocialClimb’s Boost system then recommends strategic ads for online placement.  

These Reputation Ads show up at the top of search results online. They reach new high-value clients right where they are, right when they are looking for the service you can provide. These ads broadcast and leverage your positive reputation, showing you not just as a top choice, but also as a best fit for these targeted patients.

SocialClimb Boost’s recommended ad strategies meet practice goals by:

  • Including structures and keywords specifically chosen to appeal to the targeted patients.
  • Reaching potential patients right at their moment of decision.
  • Broadcasting a physician’s established reputation, to show potential clients their quality of care and level of patient satisfaction.
  • Presenting the provider’s optimized GMB page (Google My Business page), to show the provider as a relevant, best-fit choice.
  • Displaying the action items busy people wantsuch as call, get directions, view website, and even schedule an appointmentso that busy consumers can act immediately.
  • Convert these high-value potential clients into actual patients.

Finally, SocialClimb’s Reputation Ad system asks you to approve and start the ad

All of this extensive data analysis happens quickly. Then it’s your turn. You simply:

  • Scan SocialClimb’s data results and related visual maps (scan or study, as you choose).
  • Then click on “Boost Reputation Visibility.”

And SocialClimb immediately places these ads.

You can feel confident your dollars are well spent, and well managed, as the SocialClimb system continually evaluates traffic into your practice, then adapts the reputation ads to keep practice volume steady.

target high-value patients

To learn more about the second and third steps of SocialClimb Boost, explore Smart Spending and the Marketing Report Card.  

Learn how SocialClimb Boost works for all sizes of medical practices, offering powerful automation while leaving real people in charge of the goals and decisions. You can also read SocialClimb’s broader vision for the future of medical marketing through the power of artificial intelligence: smart, automated software like SocialClimb, that builds and leverages your reputation for remarkable results.  

SocialClimb is the industry leader in providing comprehensive, automated reputation marketing tools for medical practices. Contact us for a demo.

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