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We’ve just announced our SocialClimb Boost feature set (patent pending) in the press and at industry conferences.  Available to current customers May 20, 2019, SocialClimb Boost adds another powerful layer to our successful reputation marketing system, making it possible to fill your practice with your preferred patient types, at the rate you want.


We’ve had a big week here at SocialClimb!  On April 30, we announced our new SocialClimb Boost feature set (patent pending).  Meanwhile, at two large medical association conventions, our sales teams demonstrated SocialClimb Boost, to show how it enhances our already successful reputation marketing system.

No expertise required: SocialClimb Boost gives all practices an edge

SocialClimb’s Boost features makes it easy and affordable for any practice to find and attract their most preferred patients.  SocialClimb CEO Ty Allen explains, “Our mission is to enable practices with little to no marketing experience or skills to compete and win in their local markets.”

“SocialClimb has been helping thousands of physicians build and leverage their online reputations to find new patients for years,” Allen continues. “With SocialClimb Boost, we deliver an even more powerful set of features that practices are using to grow.”

SocialClimb Boost employs cutting-edge technology to run behind the scenes, so people can stay focused on what they do best. The system integrates data analytics with machine learning, accuracy and speed. The system never sleeps, but constantly monitors and adjusts based on decision-making data. Practices can trust SocialClimb Boost to do this work, freeing employees to concentrate on patient care and broader business goals.

SocialClimb Boost works with you, applying real practice data to meet customized goals

boost arrowSocialClimb Boost is an easy-to-use, intelligent software system that works for you and leaves you in control.

SocialClimb Boost evaluates your specific practice data and goals, compares this to data for surrounding demographic areas, then applies this data in your expanded local market, placing targeted reputation ads to your preferred patient population.

Boost ads broadcast and leverage your reputation, reaching your targeted, high-value clients right at their moment of choice. You show up at the top of these potential clients’ internet search results. They quickly see the data they need to make a decision and take action, right from the internet listing page. Your established online reputation and listings show you as the best choice and easily convert these patients to your practice,

SocialClimb’s Boost system constantly checks ad-based patient flow against practice volume, then adjusts automatically to meet your specified goals. The system regularly generates reports to show ROI.

You remain in control, because you determine the goals and supply the data. You decide on the parameters.  You look at the Boost system’s recommendations and choose when to activate the process. You see regular reports to evaluate the results. You only spend as you want to. You adjust the goals anytime.

You remain in control, because you determine the goals.

SocialClimb Team

Step one: Use SocialClimb’s Reputation Marketing system to establish an outstanding online reputation

For the Boost system to work, first a practice needs to implement SocialClimb’s Reputation Marketing system.  Using these foundational SocialClimb features, practices will claim and optimize internet listing pages for practice physicians, then quickly develop a positive online reputation based on real patient feedback. Using SocialClimb’s automated system to meet these standards will make physicians appeal to potential clients as they search for and choose physicians online.

Step two: Activate SocialClimb Boost

Once you have set up SocialClimb’s foundational Reputation Marketing system, and you see your reputation develop online, then you are ready to apply SocialClimb Boost.  

There are three basic parts to the SocialClimb Boost system. Boost’s user-friendly system makes all of these parts speedy and simple for practices of all sizes–no marketing or technical expertise required.

SocialClimb Boost Part 1: Data analysis and advertising recommendations

When you start the SocialClimb Boost process, you tell our tools to evaluate current data and make recommendations to place automated, targeted ads online.  

First, SocialClimb Boost evaluates your existing practice data to understand where your patients come from and which cases you consider highest-value to meet your goals.

Examples of goals include increased practice volume in general, or a higher percentage of particular case types. A practice might want to fill a new surgeon’s schedule, or might want to fill an existing physician’s schedule with higher-profit cases than the current caseload.

This data is already in your practice management system, and as a SocialClimb customer, you allow SocialClimb to have HIPAA-compliant access to this data.

Second, after evaluating your practice data, SocialClimb Boost then looks at general demographic data from surrounding geographic areas, including aggregated medical case data.

Third: Based on the combined data analysis, the Boost system then recommends automated ad strategies. Boost’s recommendations go beyond targeting locations; they also include structures and keywords specifically chosen to appeal to the targeted patients.

Then, it’s your turn!  All you do is:

Look at SocialClimb Boost’s intelligent, customized recommendations, then simply choose “go.”  And SocialClimb immediately places these ads.

Our mission is to enable practices with little to no marketing experience or skills to compete and win in their local markets.

SocialClimb CEO Ty Allen

SocialClimb Boost Part 2: Intelligent ad spending

SocialClimb Boost means intelligent ad spending. Use our Boost system to spend smarter in these ways:

  • First, online ad placement is inexpensive and more effective than standard advertising like name recognition through billboards and other media.  Unlike online methods, these old-school methods do not find customers at their moment of choice; they do not offer decision-making comparative data; and they do not offer action options like a “call” or “directions” button. Online ads give you more bang for your buck.
  • Second, by placing highly targeted ads to meet customized goals, SocialClimb Boost means you spend dollars directly on what means the most to your practice.
  • Third, SocialClimb Boost makes sure to avoid running competing ads within your practice.  You can still run ads for more than one physician, but SocialClimb Boost makes sure a searcher only sees one of your physicians in a particular search.  
  • Finally–and most exciting–SocialClimb Boost continually monitors ad effectiveness, comparing ad clicks to actual practice volume, adapting to save money.  By accessing your practice management system, SocialClimb Boost continually monitors physician schedules, appointments, and surgery volume, using the “third next available appointment” model to recognize trends.  Boost turns reputation ads on and off to meet practice goals.

SocialClimb’s Boost features makes it easy and affordable for any practice to find and attract their most preferred patients.

SocialClimb Team

SocialClimb Boost Part 3: Evaluate progress and ROI using SocialClimb’s Marketing Report Card

SocialClimb customers–as well as potential clients–recognize the unique value of our Marketing Report Card.

The Marketing Report Card provides provides regular ROI reporting for each physician so practices can see how their dollars yield direct results.

SocialClimb’s tracking and attribution features actually identify each patient attracted to the practice or physician, and show whether they choose via Boost reputation ads or organic SocialClimb reputation building. Practices can see clearly how their SocialClimb spending affects profits.

SocialClimb Boost has significantly increased our surgeons’ visibility in the Las Vegas area and ultimately attracted more patients to our practice. We especially love SocialClimb’s reports for return-on-investment visibility

Michael Pendleton, CEO Desert Orthopaedic Center, Las Vegas

How do I learn more about SocialClimb Boost?

You can learn more about SocialClimb Boost in several ways:

  • Contact our sales team for a demo.
  • Read our main website pages to understand the foundational SocialClimb system, looking here to read about Boost specifically.
  • Watch our blog over the next week, for a series of articles exploring SocialClimb Boost’s three parts in more detail.
  • Read our article in the AAOE newsletter for a general view of current trends in intelligent marketing software.

When can I use SocialClimb Boost?

SocialClimb Boost will be available to existing customers May 20, 2019, and to new customers June 10, 2019.

Explore our website to learn more about how SocialClimb’s suite has helped thousands of physicians to improve their reputations, to raise online visibility to attract more patients, and to increase practice revenue, all while simplifying the entire process for office staff. Our newest Boost features even target preferred high-value patients to meet detailed goals for practice growth.

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