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Does Yext add valueSocialClimb can help you break free of Yext and make the best use of your marketing spend.

If you’re using Yext to manage your business information, it may be time for a change. Whether you’re happy with their services or if you feel you’re no longer getting a benefit equal to what you’re paying, we can help. SocialClimb offers an automated patient acquisition solution that will grow your practice with very little effort from your staff.

Let’s take a dive into Yext and see if it’s worth it for your medical practice.   

What does Yext do?

Yext syncs your NAP (name, address, and phone number), across 50+ platforms. Other business information, such as images, hours of operation, and categories can also be included. You will pay an annual, ongoing fee to keep the platforms updated. 

According to, “The one thing that you need to remember with Yext solutions is that once you stop paying for their services, you no longer have access to your listings that they’ve updated for you.” 

Sounds like once you’re roped into Yext services, they make it very hard to leave. They use a data overlay when they update your information (they layer correct information over the old, outdated information) so that when you stop using their services, everything could revert back to how it was before you started with them. However, it should be noted that if you have been with them for a while, the information they have put out there about your business could be picked up by data aggregators, so your info may not revert back to its original state. 

With Yext you can also see and reply to reviews that come in through the various platforms, and you can set up notifications so you know when you get a review. You can send out review requests to one person or multiple people at once if you click through the proper steps on their platform. However, BrightLocal and report that your access to reviews through Yext is limited. 

The SocialClimb difference

Our innovative platform integrates seamlessly with most patient management systems so you can auto-send review and survey requests to all your patients via text or email. We will also verify and optimize your GMB listings and help you get your information out across multiple platforms. If you ever pause our services or choose to stop altogether, your listing stays optimized because you’ve changed the information on the platform.

Of course, we don’t just stop at optimization and reviews. We have a three-tiered plan to help you improve your reputation, target ideal patients, and grow your practice with confidence. We also provide customized reports so you can see how your doctors are doing. Read more about our Medical Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Practice

Is Yext a good fit for healthcare? 

The Yext for Healthcare paid add-on can help practices manage information across several platforms and make sure their information is correct and uniform. They provide an expanded publishers list exclusive to the add-on with sites specifically helpful to healthcare organizations. As long as you purchase the add-on. 

However, their platform is not built for medical practices or doctors with more than one location. According to BrightLocal’s review of Yext, “The user interface for Yext is largely focused around single businesses, so if you have a business with multiple locations you may find navigation on the platform quite difficult.”

The SocialClimb difference

SocialClimb focuses on automated patient acquisition for healthcare—no add-on needed. We know the healthcare market and what it takes to get seen and be chosen by medical consumers. For example, 80% of medical consumers use Google to find a doctor, and we can make sure your Google My Business (GMB) listing is optimized and ready to perform. 

measurable Google actionsWe can help you get to the top of Google’s Local Search results and generate more calls from your GMB listing. Physicians and practices who use our services improve their rating by 1.3 stars on average, jump to the top of Local Search results, bring in more reviews, and see a drastic increase in measurable actions from those visiting their GMB listings.  

Is Yext really worth it? 

If your medical practice is constantly shifting locations, investing in Yext or another similar platform could be a good idea for you. Otherwise, you may not be getting enough bang for your buck. If you’ve already paid for them to change the information on the platforms, you shouldn’t have to continue to pay them to keep the information the same. It’s also important to consider whether you need to worry about the many platforms they are maintaining your information on. If they are not relevant to healthcare, you could be wasting your effort and your hard-earned money. 

Daniel Lofaso, lead SEO and founder of Digital Elevator, has provided a thoughtful and detailed review of Yext and its value to businesses. He concludes, “I would never recommend to a client that the Yext listing service is a good call.” 

The Marketer’s Center has also looked into Yext and has determined that “[o]verall, Yext PowerListings is not worth it. Not only is it pricey even for a profitable small business, the price will not make up for the benefits you will derive from using their technology.” 

The SocialClimb difference

We focus on making sure you’re receiving reviews and improving your reputation on platforms that will bring in patients. These relevant platforms include Google My Business (GMB), Healthgrades, Facebook, Vitals, RateMDs, and Yelp (to some degree). No need to spend time, effort, and money on other platforms that won’t bring benefit to your medical practice.

See what SocialClimb can do for your practice.

We suggest that you do not need Yext to manage your accounts. We can help you manage your social presence with a greater benefit and at a lower cost. If you are using Yext and are happy with what they are doing for you, great. Let us take you beyond what their business model will do and layer in some strategic digital marketing tailored for healthcare. To see how SocialClimb can save you money and build your practice, set up a demo today.